Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Beetle-backed fly (Celyphidae)

Celyphids are fly species that look like beetle. The larvae are saprophagous and the adults commonly found in moist habitats.

A rarely seen blackish blue / purple celyphid fly found in lowland rainforest. It is relatively larger than other species of celyphids, about 8 mm in body length. The scutellum is very convex and shiny, covering the entire abdomen. Identified to be of genus Paracelyphus, likely Paracelyphus hyacinthus by Dr. Stephen Gaimari.
Paracelyphus hyacinthus

Paracelyphus hyacinthus

The more common beetle-backed fly (below) are found around vegetable gardens, but they do not appear to be pests. They seem to feed on decaying organic matter.

The one below seems to be an immature.

These mimic blue leaf beetle.

An egg of the beetle fly: